Wired for imprudence

This psychological perspective suggests that, despite our best intentions, we are wired for imprudence. This paper explores these ‘behavioural hurdles’, as we call them, and explains why they matter. These dispositions are not character flaws, and do not affect only a select few: in general, we are not wired to handle money well. This report identifies six of these behavioural hurdles to financial capability, and explores what this means for financial education. Cognitive overload, empathy gaps, optimism and overconfidence, instant gratific [...] Read more ...

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29 May 2015

EF - Apply

By now we will have decided that you could be a good fit for the next EF cohort. Skype interviews. If you don't have technical skills but think that you have an exceptional advantage which would make you a valuable addition to a tech-based startup you will need to apply by referral. You'll be interviewed by Matt and Alice, and selected EF current c [...] Read more ...

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29 May 2015

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