Labour demand explanation for Tories’ proposed disability cuts

A document has been leaked revealing which benefits the Tories are considering scrapping. This is part of the £12bn cut to the welfare budget they would implement by 2017/18 if they were to win May. It suggests that disability benefits and a regional benefits cap would be at the top of the list. The BBC have found that the document, prepared by ci [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

European Tech Verticals To Track

While the high-level investment trend in innovative technology is similar between the U.S. and Europe, digging deeper exposes interesting differences. Europe seems to be punching above its weight in some predictable areas like banking and hospitality while being weaker in historically strong areas like fashion and insurance. At a high level, the tr [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

blogging: The "Working Time Directive" as applied to carers

The Workers Time Directive of course onlycovers those who are in paid employment so apparently, I don’t qualify. So Rest for 11 hours in any 24 hours= Fail Restricts excessive night work. So Paid breaks (any breaks)=Fail Rest ofat least 11 hours in any 24 hours. Whenit comes to carers the old adage is flipped but no less true- with no rights come [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Boaler claims that OOOG ("the almighty creator of us all") spoke to him in a vision and "he told me I should run for the South Thanet seat".[3] The party's policies include the separation of the Isle of Thanet from the rest of the UK, the eradication of the town of Broadstairs[3] and tax breaks for bearded families ("Children and women will have to [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Share The Facts

Britain was the fastest-growing major economy in 2014, and is set to grow even faster this year. And since 2010, there are 1.9 million more people in work - giving more financial security to families across Britain. SHARE this to let friends know. Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Large fall in UK emissions in 2014, official figures confirm

Official figures published last week suggest UK emissions have fallen since 1990even if you include emissions embedded in imported goods. Estimated 2014 UK greenhouse gas emissions of520.5 million tonnes ofcarbon dioxide equivalentwould be 36% below1990 levels. UK energy demand keeps falling Another reason for falling UK emissionsiscontinued reduct [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Is the NHS being privatised?

The King's Fund verdict is our take on the big questions ahead of the general election in May 2015. Here we look at the thorny issue of NHS privatisation. The King's Fund verdict is our take on the big questions ahead of the general election in May 2015. Here we look at the thorny issue of NHS privatisation. Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Ian Geldard's news blog fund

I'm accepting donations to improve my news service. Any money raised will go towards subscriptions to services and technology I use to collect and/or manage the news feeds from which I make my selections. Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015

Women in Westminster: the gender gap

Nicky Morgan was dubbed the “Stepford minister” when she was promoted to the post of education secretary last July. Attractive, genial and warm, the 42-year-old was the perfect candidate to rebuild bridges with a teaching community at war with her [...] Read more ...

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28 Mar 2015