Support a Tax Dodging Bill

Only a systematic, joined-up approach through a Tax Dodging Bill will tackle tax dodging and make tax fair. We believe the measures in the Tax Dodging Bill represent the key steps the UK can take on its own to reform the UK’s tax rules to tackle corporate tax dodging. Our conservative estimate is that the UK government could gain £3.6 billion in [...] Read more ...

via Actionaid
27 Jan 2015

Google strong-arms indie musicians into accepting brutal, crowdfunding-killing deal for streaming service

Zoe Keating, who runs her own microlabel, has summarized the conversation she had with her Google rep. As JWZ says, it's "the same strategy they used with Google Plus: instead of creating a new service and letting it compete on its own merits, they're going to artificially prop it up by giving people no choice but to sign up for it." Google is laun [...] Read more ...

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27 Jan 2015

Greece, the EU and Aunt Agatha