Labour's death tax

There are two certainties in life: death and Labour taxes – and now Labour want to combine both. Andy Burnham, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, says he wants to ‘embrace’ a 15% death tax – hitting people’s plans to pass on their hard-earned money to their loved ones. Estimates based on official figures show that Labour’s latest propo [...] Read more ...

via Conservatives
30 Jul 2014

The Choice: Economy

Ed Balls MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, in a speech in Bedford, said:***CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY***It’s great to be back here in Bedford supporting your campaign.Because it’s vital that we win here [...] Read more ...

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30 Jul 2014

Tory minister lets slip: We want to bring in regressive flat tax

The Tories still want to look into implementing a flat tax system, whereby the poorest in society would pay the same tax as the richest. In a recording obtained by the Daily Mirror, Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Letwin is heard telling a right wing think tank a “discussion will no doubt open up” about the possibility of bringing in a flat tax. Read more ...

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30 Jul 2014