China to Boost Military Budget by 10.1%: Economic Slowdown Has Little Impact on Beijing’s Military Modernization Plans

We won’t forget that.” The high pace of military spending comes as gross domestic product growth fell to 7.4% last year—its slowest pace in almost a quarter of a century—and an expected level of about 7% this year. … BEIJING—China will raise military spending by 10.1% this year, suggesting that an economic slowdown will have limited imp [...] Read more ...

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5 Mar 2015

China Lowers Growth Target to About 7%

China lowered its economic growth forecast to about 7% this year at the opening of the country’s biggest political event of the year, ushering in what leaders have dubbed a “new normal” of slower growth. Read more ...

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5 Mar 2015

Nasdaq 5000 Then and Now: A Comparison Of The 10...