Boot Camp for Bankers

As they struggle to find new business to bolster sluggish earnings, banks consider the nation’s 25 million veterans and service members ideal customers. Read more ...

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2 Sep 2014

38 maps that explain the global economy

Commerce knits the modern world together in a way that nothing else quite does. Almost anything you own these days is the result of a complicated web of global interactions. And there's no better way to depict those interactions than some maps. Read more ...

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2 Sep 2014

Chuka's Taxing Spin


Chuka Umunna is spinning hard in the Times this morning over Guido's revelations about his tax avoidance adviser donor. A spokesman for two-faced Chuka says with a straight face: “There’s no link [ [...] Read more ...

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2 Sep 2014

Public pressure on corporate tax behaviour works

An interesting new academic paper has been published suggesting that pressure from activists has a significant impact on corporate tax behaviour.The paper is entitled 'Public Pressure and Corporate Tax Behavior' and is by Scott D. Dyreng, Jeffrey L. Hoopes and Jaron H. Wilde, each based in a US university.Published in July, the abstract [...] Read more ...

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2 Sep 2014