An inside perspective on Channel 4’s Coalition

Coalition, Channel 4’s dramatisation of events during the post-election negotiations in 2010 was probably never going to satisfy me. Of course, as a former political adviser, I would have loved the programme to have been full of young men and women dazzling party leaders with their insight and tactical nous. But overall, Coalition, perhaps inevitably, was only able to tell a small part of a much richer story. Sean Kemp is the former Deputy Head of Press at Number Ten and was involved in the coalition negotiations in 2010 as a Special Adviser [...] Read more ...

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30 Mar 2015

Downing Street Wildlife Report

Vicious Downing St split, fighting like cats and dogs — Ross Hawkins (@rosschawkins) March 30, 2015 You may not believe this but a fox has just chased a duck up Downing St; this has become an election fairy tale — Ross Hawkins (@rosschawkins) March 30, 2015 [...] Read more ...

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30 Mar 2015

Iran Daily:

Facing Tuesday's informal deadline for general nuclear agreement, Iran's lead negotiator declares talks with 5+1 Powers are [...] Read more ...

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30 Mar 2015

Pentagon Admits that Israel is a Nuclear Power

This article was based on the revelations of an Israeli nuclear scientist – Mordechai Vanunu that disclosed the secrets of the Israeli nuclear program. In early February Pentagon declassified reports on the Israeli nuclear weapons program that was carried on until 1987. Even by that time the Israeli nuclear potential was much higher than that of [...] Read more ...

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30 Mar 2015

Liberal England: General election wildlife latest

"He is indeed the Lib Dem blogfather" - Stephen Tall"Jonathan Calder holds his end up well in the competitive world of the blogosphere" - New Statesman"A prominent Liberal Democrat blogger" - BBC Radio 4 Today programme"Charming and younger than I expected" - Wartime Housewife Monday, March 30, 2015 General election wildlife latest Larry the cat co [...] Read more ...

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30 Mar 2015

Nick Harvey: The Lib Dems must learn from the mistakes of 2010

But there is a strong argument for agreeing far more than was written into the 2010 deal. Sir Nick Harvey is Liberal Democrat PPC for North Devon and an Associate Editor of The House In particular, it is simply not acceptable for the smaller coalition party to be silenced in Parliament on the basis that the larger partner is ‘speaking for’ it. [...] Read more ...

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30 Mar 2015

Mexico Pledges 25% Cut in Pollutants Driving Global Warming

Mexico is thefirst developing nation to submit its plan before a March 31United Nations deadline that most countries are going to miss. Mexico joins the 28-nation European Union, Norway andSwitzerland as the only countries thus far to submit formalclimate pledges to the UN. The net effect will reduceby 25 percent the generation of air pollution tha [...] Read more ...

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30 Mar 2015

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