China sets a cap on coal by 2020

China has set a limit on its use of coal by 2020, according to recent Chinese officials’ statements. The announcement comes after China’s ‘game changing’ climate deal with the US last week, where for the first time China pledged to cut its CO2 emissions from 2030 - increasing its share of non-fossil energy to around 20% by 2030. Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Energy policy and the return of the State

Indeed, energy policy militates against having cheap, reliable energy. Historically, appeals to energy security have resulted in the very energy shortages energy security was meant to avoid. Energy policy represents the biggest expansion of state power since the nationalisations of the 1940s and 1950s and is on course to becoming the most costly do [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Renewables overtake nuclear energy generation

The progress that has been made in the rollout of renewable energy in Scotland has been hailed today as renewable energy overtook nuclear to become Scotland’s largest source of energy for the first time. In the first half of 2013 renewable energy accounted for 10.3 terrawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity generated in Scotland, compared to 7.8 TWh ge [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Hamas Terror Plot Foiled: Israel

Car bombings, kidnappings, and attacks on railway stations and Jerusalem's Teddy soccer stadium were just some of the items on Hamas' checklist, according to Israeli officials who today say they... World News Summaries. | Newser [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Nixing biodiesel subsidy saved feds $50 million

Ottawa saved $50 million by shutting down a biodiesel industry subsidy last year, according to the federal government’s public accounts. The ecoENERGY for Biodiesels Program was the target of a failed attempt in early 2013 by the biodiesel industry to extend the subsidy’s life after $672 million had been paid out to the renewable fuel’s... Re [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Command and Control

Acclaimed investigative journalist Eric Schlosser reveals the dangerous history of the management of nuclear weapons – and the grave risk they still pose to humankind. Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014


By ignoring voices of American Jews, Netanyahu is ‘playing with fire’ at Israel’s peril, says chairman of new Jewish Religious Equality Coalition. Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014