Climate Week NYC 2012

This is part of The Clean Revolution

From 24-30 September 2012 – less than seventy days before the United Nations’ climate summit – New York City will once again become the epicenter of the Clean Revolution. Climate Week NYC is an annual summit boasting high-level meetings between the world’s leading businesses and governments and an exciting array of public-facing events, al [...] Read more ...

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18 Sep 2014

Kendall: Budget Gimmicks Won’t Fix Nuclear Deterrent

NATIONAL HARBOR: Talk about a radioactive issue. Top officials in Air Force, Navy, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense keep talking about how there is no higher priority than the nation’s nuclear deterrent. It’s so crucial, they all say, that someone else should pay for it. “No capability we maintain is more important. ,” said the pr [...] Read more ...

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18 Sep 2014

Urine: a new renewable energy source?

The search for renewable energy has made use of the sun, the sea - and now potentially our wee. Researchers in England have been using urine to create small electrical charges, which could be scaled up to a fuel source. Read more ...

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18 Sep 2014

Clean Electricity and World Sources

Earlier this week the new French Prime Minister Manuel Valls reiterated President Hollande’s plan to cut French dependence on atomic power to half of all output by 2025, down from almost 75% currently. The plan is to curtail nuclear and ramp up renewables. Read more ...

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18 Sep 2014