Russia Turns East at shocking speed with China Mega Energy Deals

It is driving China, Russia, the entire BRICS countries and other nations into closer ties on all levels to build a defense against that attempt. The West Route is in addition to the so-called Russian East Route pipeline deal signed between Putin and Xi in May. West Route is designated a priority and to be finished in six years. Far the most signif [...] Read more ...

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24 Nov 2014

UK police chief claims '4 or 5' terror plots foiled

The national terror threat was raised in August to "severe", meaning an attack is highly likely, but the police chief said the message was to "keep calm but be aware". British police have foiled four or five suspected terror plots this year, the country's most senior police officer said ahead of a week-long campaign to enlist the public's help in c [...] Read more ...

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24 Nov 2014

Don't Let Iran Walk Away From the Table

As a November 24 deadline looms for a nuclear deal with Iran, some influential voices in Washington—including President Obama’s former Iran adviser Dennis Ross—have argued that “muddling through” without an agreement, postponing things yet again, is preferable to signing an imperfect deal. The premise of that argument—that [...] Read more ...

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24 Nov 2014

Winners And Losers Of Oil War – OpEd

In less than one year crude oil prices have come down by more than 30 percent and it is expected that the downward trend will continue for a while. The United States, having emerged as the largest producer of oil, does not seem in a mode to curtail its oil production. Smaller oil producing member [… [...] Read more ...

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24 Nov 2014

Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels

Nonetheless, he said, executives were surprised to see how far solar prices had fallen. “Renewables had two issues: Alternately, conventional power sources produce pollution, like carbon emissions, which face increasing restrictions and costs. They’re not too expensive anymore.” According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the main t [...] Read more ...

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24 Nov 2014

Putting The E Back In The CFMEU

As workers bear the brunt of government and industry’s lack of planning for the new economy, coal companies are showing their true colours. Facing terminal decline, they are now making almost daily announcements of job losses and efficiency measures.Recent statements by the CFMEU that job losses at BHP’s Mount Arthur mine – 500 in one year [...] Read more ...

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24 Nov 2014

Fair shares in pledged carbon cuts

A pre-Lima scorecard for evaluating which countries are doing their fair share in pledged carbon cuts Valentina Bosetti, Jeffrey Frankel24 November 2014 Many countries have announced emissions targets for 2020. Perceptions of what are countries’ fair shares of the burden vary widely. Consider the most recent developments in what targets countries [...] Read more ...

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24 Nov 2014

Time runs out for Iran nuclear talks

Time runs out for Iran nuclear talksAFP29 mins agoNicolas Revise and Simon Sturdee Time runs out Monday for the biggest chance in years to resolve the Iranian nuclear standoff, as Tehran and world powers make a final push for a deal but with a risky extension looking likely. As a result, late Sunday a senior US State Department official said for th [...] Read more ...

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24 Nov 2014

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