Here's What's at the Heart of the Crisis in Greece

This is at the heart of the conflict between Greece and the EU. In other words, Greece doesn't want to run a large budget surplus. If you're in the market for some interesting commentary on Greece, there have been a couple of good ones recently. For Greece, though, it's a huge sum, the difference between years of penury and a return to growth. Gree [...] Read more ...

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29 Jan 2015

Modern Art Takes Center Stage in New Exhibition

Agan is one of 13 contemporary Indonesian artists whose works are featured in the exhibition “No Painting Today,” which is on show from July 14-20 at the Pacific Place mall in Jakarta. The 21 works come from the collection of Wiyu, Indra and other collectors like Arif Suhirman, Nicholas Tan and Tom Tandio. Read more ...

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29 Jan 2015

Star Wars toy fetches $ 27,000

Craig Stevens -a British man who's been collecting Star Wars memorabilia for the past 25 years- ends up $ 27,000 richer when he sells a single item at an auction. BBC Newsday's Bola Mosuro asked him h [...] Read more ...

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29 Jan 2015

Salience is the virtue of fools

Salience. Salience. A word that’s been bothering me for weeks.Nick Robinson was on the Daily Politics previewing Prime Minister’s Questions, and – based on conversations he’d had with party figures – [...] Read more ...

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29 Jan 2015

Markets & Investing Video

The Federal Reserve's latest statement on monetary policy left the central banks options open on an interest rate rise later this year. The FT's John Authers suggests that international developments may force the Fed to be more patient. Read more ...

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29 Jan 2015