Ed Miliband Pictures

His promises of free nursery care, cheaper university tuition and a Cabinet that has 50% women get our vote, even if he’s not as smooth as the opposition. But, as Janice Turner discovers, Ed Miliband’s ‘charisma of imperfection’ might just be his secret weapon… [...] Read more ...

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1 Sep 2014

Don't swallow the tripe – a user's guide to weasel words

"I wouldn't over-analyse that," the Prime Minister said on Friday when asked if he had been reluctant to recall Parliament because of the Government's defeat over Syria last year. This was a classic example of what Robert Hutton, a Bloomberg journalist, calls the art of "uncommunication". Hutton's new book, Would They Lie to You? is a guide to not [...] Read more ...

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1 Sep 2014