Is Brooks Syr-ious?

DISGRACED MP had business connections in Syria prior to being elected - he met Bashar al-Assad half a dozen times between 2006 and 2011, but called for Britain to intervene in the civil war [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

John Freeman: Face to face with an enigma

War hero, Labour MP, New Statesman editor, diplomat, TV interviewer: John Freeman, now in his nineties, combined celebrity with impenetrable privacy. In the first of a series of articles to celebrate the NS centenary, we explore the remarkable life of a man who chose never to look back. Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

UK Polling Report

Lord Ashcroft hasn’t polled this week, he’s already finished for the year, but his post Autumn Statement poll had Labour’s lead down one point. The Opinium poll is the second one this week to show Labour’s lead growing, in fact it’s the third as there was also TNS. Taking a crude average of the Labour leads in November would give you an a [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

Archbishop Cranmer

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was Kirsty Young’s castaway guest on BBC Radio 4′s Desert Island Discs today, and his narration of fascinating biographical anecdotes with intermittent spiritual reflection was as illuminating as his choice in music. It was disappointing that he didn’t choose to be shipwrecked with the Book of Common [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

May: I’ll kick out foreign graduates

Under the plans, colleges and universities would be fined and stripped of the right to sponsor foreign students if they failed to ensure The home secretary wants a future Conservative government to “move towards zero net student migration” by sending home those who come to Britain on student visas. The plan is likely to bolster May’s support [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

9 things the Sony hack has taught us about the Hollywood

Call it good timing or a chilling coincidence, but one of the most high-profile movie releases of January 2015 will be director Michael Mann’s thriller Blackhat, in which a brilliant hacker helps the United States authorities to pursue a cyber-criminal who hacks a Chinese nuclear reactor and a Chicago stock exchange with devastating results. The [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

The dog that eats up debt

Banks including Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group have found a new way of freshening up their still troubled and opaque balance sheets at the same time as ridding themselves of critical business customers: [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014