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During Putin's 15 years in office, the Russian television landscape has been sanitized to the point where news coverage on all channels is almost identical. NTV, owned by oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky, was a leading TV channel that offered a view different from the Kremlin. Russia was ranked 148th out of the 180-country press freedom index by Reporter [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

Xi’s Reform Gambit

When Deng Xiaoping initiated China’s market-oriented reforms 35 years ago, he was taking the biggest political risk since the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949. Now that President Xi Jinping has initiated his own, equally risky program of reform, one must ask whether his strategy, too, will pay off. Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

South-East Europe On Edge Of Civilization: Depending Who You Ask

That is the amount of money that Bosnia Herzegovina loses every month if it does not implement the e-government project very soon. He is Freelance Editor in Chief of the electronic and print magazine DIOGEN pro cultureand Editor in Chief of E–magazine MaxMinus from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unfortunately, freaks in and around the US Embas [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

The Ambridge Socialist: Special Xmas cheer issue

The Ambridge Socialist 21st December CONTACT KEITH FLETT 07803 167266 The real Borsetshire Echo: 60 years of class struggle in Ambridge Special Xmas Cheer issue Capitalism set to create its own gravediggers in Ambridge There has been great news for all socialists this week after the Professor and Carol T, attending an Xmas event hosted by Justin El [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

Report - Public Opinion.pdf

Public opinion favours temporary over permanent immigration Public opinion seems more concerned with permanent as opposed to temporary immigration. 4.5 Public opinion favours temporary over permanent immigration Public opinion seems more concerned about permanent as opposed to temporary immigration. Understanding Public Opinion on Immigration in Br [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014

Social marketing and social PR: never the twain shall meet?

Earlier this month, I took part in a one-hour interview about social media marketing and social PR for a webinar organized by Cision UK and Vocus UK (both, incidentally, now part of the same enterprise). The event was promoted as “The Big Christmas Grudge Match: Social Media Marketing vs Social PR” although I saw it […] [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014


Route DetailsRoute: London to Dover & Dover to HastingsDistance: London to Dover is 113 miles. Dover to Hastings is 52 miles.National Cycle Network: Routes 1 and 2Route Description [...] Read more ...

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21 Dec 2014