Donald Clark Plan B: TV is dying

The games industry is now bigger than the film industry and hassucked a whole generation of young people away from watching TV. One year of US TV watching is the equivalent of 2000Wikipedias. TV toSecond screens Gogglebox, that so-called fly-on-the-wall piece of TV is a lie. Thetraditional model of broadcast TV is dead, as is the idea that TV compa [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Birmingham City Council Webcasting

Just watching - Selly Oak District Committee - 27 November 2014 - Thu, 27th Nov 2014 - 10:30 am - Birmingham City Council Webcasting on Birmingham City Council Webcasting [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Stagecoach, Virgin win East Coast franchise

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27 Nov 2014

USA has 2nd largest social welfare state after France

Or did you realize that, despite all the talk of “austerity,” government social spending has hardly been reduced in most countries. These conclusions come from a recent OECD report on social welfare spending. From our “safety net,” we distribute “entitlements” that are not “handouts” and don’t qualify as “welfare” payments. Wh [...] Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014

Plans to loosen CSG exploration rules

The Baird government plans to loosen coal seam gas rules allowing exploration to proceed without environmental impact statements, spurning recent recommendations from the Chief Scientist for more openness in the industry. Read more ...

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27 Nov 2014