I was ready to testify about the abuse I suffered as a child – but I can’t as long as Fiona Woolf chairs the inquiry

As someone who suffered child abuse in the children’s home I grew up in during the 1960s and 70s, I saw the Government inquiry into the scandal not just as an opportunity to observe institutions finally being made accountable for their woeful neglect – but also as an opportunity to go before the inquiry and spell out what happened to me. But as [...] Read more ...

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24 Oct 2014

UK Parliamentary Debate on Drugs October 30th #DebateDrugs

Please Take Action: Ask your MP to be at the Parliamentary Debate on Drugs, Thursday 30th Oct, and to vote to review our drug laws!My name is Anne-Marie Cockburn. Last year I got the phone call no parent wants, to say that my 15 year-old daughter, and only child, was gravely ill, and they were trying to save her life. Sadly, one hour later Martha d [...] Read more ...

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24 Oct 2014


Labour rescued the NHS after years of Tory neglect before. We’ll do it again. Sign our petition and support our campaign. #LoveOurNHS [...] Read more ...

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24 Oct 2014

This is outrageous!

Britain has burned countless billions propping up the catastrophic EU project. Now Brussels is ruthlessly billing us for more – £1.7 billion more – to bail out the countries responsible for the Euro catastrophe, while France and Germany get a rebate of £801m and £614m. I originally rebelled against the government in order to help in securing [...] Read more ...

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24 Oct 2014

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Today Liberal Democrats voted at their party conference in Glasgow to strengthen the rights of the England’s nine million private rental tenants. The number of private tenants in Cheltenham has risen from 5,811 to 10,260 in ten years. That shouldn’t stop us from clamping down on the minority who seek to abuse their position, and that’s why I wel [...] Read more ...

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24 Oct 2014

PSHE Association

Caroline Lucas’ PSHE(Statutory Requirement) Bill, which was due to be debated today, has been postponeduntil February. While this is disappointing for all those who were lookingforward to seeing PSHE education debated in Parliament today, this remains atime of great possibility for the subject and Nicky Morgan, the Secretary ofState for Education [...] Read more ...

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24 Oct 2014