1001 Critical Days

The 1001 Critical Days Manifesto is a cross-party manifesto supported by politicans, organisations and individuals across the UK to ensure that every baby has the best possible start in life. This manifesto highlights the importance of acting early to enhance the outcomes for children. Read more ...

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31 Jan 2015

Wolverine and Lynx Don't Need Snowmobiles

We’re excited to announce that a new Forest Service planregulating winter motorized recreation reigns in rampant snowmobile use thatthreatens iconic winter wildlife such as lynx, wolverines, and grizzlies. Our sustained pressure, including your comment emails, achieveda huge victory when the Forest Service released its final over-snow vehiclemana [...] Read more ...

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31 Jan 2015

We must ensure that disabled people get to cast their votes

By Stephen Twigg MP and Kate Green MP There are around 11 million disabled voters in the UK. In a few weeks, they will have the opportunity to go to the ballot box and have their say on the future direction of our country. Between now and May 7th, it is imperative that we do all was can to ensure their voice is heard. Our democracy is becoming incr [...] Read more ...

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31 Jan 2015

Bath's #1 Supporter

Like many local people I have been concerned about the issue and the possible impact of fracking in and around our city. The result of this lobbying can be seen in the Planning Practice Guidance: “World Heritage Sites are heritage assets of the highest significance. I care about Bath and I have worked tirelessly to ensure that the city is protect [...] Read more ...

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31 Jan 2015

Finchley and GG and Hendon

The only way we can beat the Tories in Finchley and Golders Green is with your help. I'll be meeting Sarah Sackman, our candidate for Finchley and Golders Green, and other volunteers at 19 Lodge Lane, N12 8JG at 10.30am. If you have a few hours to spare on Saturday, how about joining in Labour's National Campaign Day and canvassing in Finchley? We [...] Read more ...

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31 Jan 2015

Party of opportunity v0.1.pdf

It shows why the Conservatives are the party of opportunity and should be the party of choice for ordinary working people. So naturally I searched for the party that wanted to put Britain back on the right track and I found this in Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Party. But the Labour Party of today is a million miles awa [...] Read more ...

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31 Jan 2015

First time voters opt for parties of the left

However, even starker than the rest of the voting population, first time voters have clearly less trust in any of the major economic teams, with a plurality (29%) saying they trusted none of the three teams listed (including 49% of first time Green voters). This is quite out of line with the voting age public general who in our current polling are [...] Read more ...

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31 Jan 2015

Pact US to launch later this year

Speaking at the Realscreen Summit in Washington DC, Pact UK Chief Executive, John McVay, said: “Pact will be making a major investment to launch Pact US this year. Sara Geater, Chair of Pact UK, said: “Pact is a trade association whose membership has huge success creating content and conducting business globally. A new trade association represe [...] Read more ...

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31 Jan 2015


What these figures show is that the introduction of average speed cameras has been successful in changing the behaviour of motorists and in improving safety on the A9. We hope that you will reflect upon this evidence and admit to people who use the A9 that you were wrong to oppose the introduction of average speed cameras. It is our hope that in li [...] Read more ...

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31 Jan 2015