In praise of Simon Danczuk

Simon Danczuk has led the front pages this week with his explosive account of how an MP could hide a lifetime of abusing children. The Westminster reaction to his Cyril Smith allegations? Embarrassed coughs. Good on Simon for having the courage to speak his mind. Since his 2010 election, itself a feat of endurance, he’s demonstrated a forensic mind and a canny eye for a story. He represents a diminishing Westminster breed, a ‘character’ who speaks with an authentic voice […] [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2014

Barnsley MP Welcomes Houghton Main Development Plans

Michael Dugher, the MP for Barnsley East, has welcomed plans for the development of a proposed Houghton Main Renewable Energy Park. After meeting with the developers, Peel Environmental Ltd, he said: “It is welcome that these plans will provide a boost to the local economy and generate enough elec [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2014

David Muir: "Mad as Hell: Europe After the Crash"

Europe stands exhausted from the financial crisis; but will this result in a period of unsurpassed prosperity, or will the harsh austerity measures result in the rise of populism and the politics of fracture? To answer these questions, this seminar will explore how Europe arrived at this particular juncture, what is happening in European politics, [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2014

How does the EU Work?

► Twitter: ► Facebook: ► Subscribe: This short clip explains what the various branches [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2014

Happy Easter

“For many people across Chester, Easter is a special time to focus on the lessons of the Gospel and that which others do for us which we could never do ourselves. “And for those of faith and no fai [...] Read more ...

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18 Apr 2014