Give Londoners more control over Transport for London

Transport for London is London’s biggest and arguably least accountable quango. Bossed by the Mayor, in practice it is answerable to no one in London apart from him. Londoners have virtually no say in what it does. Fares go up with Londoners having no chance to stop them, never mind reduce them, while vanity projects such as a plan for an estuary [...] Read more ...

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22 Dec 2014

MP for Hexham: Local Plan Consultation events

As many of you will hopefully now be aware the County Council has released a new draft of their Local Plan which effects our greenbelt. Together we can win that election – and help secure a better future for Northumberland, and a better future for Britain. The dates and times are to the right.All consultation documents are available to view at ww [...] Read more ...

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22 Dec 2014

Cheaper energy deals stay in dark

MILLIONS of people are being kept in the dark about cheaper energy deals that could cut hundreds of pounds from their annual bills. British Gas, the country’s largest energy company, sells gas and electricity through Sainsbury’s, while SSE, another of the big six, sells through Marks & Spencer. Gas and electricity suppliers are required to draw [...] Read more ...

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22 Dec 2014

Service Alteration Details

The gateway to Britain's National Rail network. A portal into UK rail travel including train company information and promotions; train times; fares enquiries; ticket purchase and train running information. Read more ...

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22 Dec 2014