Lunch with the FT: Russell Brand

Towards the end of lunch with Russell Brand, in the course of which the comedian has called on everyone to stop paying taxes, announced the end of his acting career and embraced various women, including – nearly – me, he says: “So, how are you going [...] Read more ...

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25 Oct 2014

Tim Sherwood: The mavericks have always needed special handling – but Balotelli is not delivering his side of the bargain for Liverpool

Handling the maverick talents has always been one of the big challenges that face a manager, and I saw a few of them during my playing career. They require a little more leeway when it comes to the hard and fast rules that apply to the rest of the squad – but in return they have to weigh in with the match-winning performances that make all the di [...] Read more ...

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25 Oct 2014