UK Polling Report

Conservative vs Labour battleground The main battleground in determining which party will lead the government is that between Labour and Conservative. Great Grimsby was a plausible UKIP gain, but recent polling has Labour with a healthy lead. All the polling evidence gives the SNP a very large lead, varying between 20 and 35 points. In the Con-Lab [...] Read more ...

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6 May 2015

Hames Homes Hypocrisy

LibDem Duncan Hames got down and dirty in 2010, blasting his Tory opponent for being “a Devon farmer who splits his time between his three homes, leaving him out of touch with local people”. Five years on and the MP defending a perilous 2,000 majority has done rather well for himself during his time in parliament. Hames declares on his Stateme [...] Read more ...

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6 May 2015