Obama pledges support to Japan in China dispute

US President Barack Obama is set to throw his support behind Japan in its territorial dispute over a group of islands with China, citing a treaty between the two countries, which would lead Washington to intervene military if Beijing attacked. Read more ...

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23 Apr 2014

China’s losers

ZHU GUANG, a 25-year-old product tester, projects casual cool in his red Adidas jacket and canvas shoes. He sports the shadowy wisps of a moustache and goatee, as if [...] Read more ...

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23 Apr 2014

Disappointed Tesla Customer Yells at Elon Musk: Video

April 23 (Bloomberg) –- Elon Musk has said Tesla Model S sales in China could top the U.S. by as early as next year. Tesla delivered its first electric cars to customers in China on Tuesday as CEO Elon Musk forecast the company will be making cars in the country in the next three to four years. (Source: Bloomberg) [...] Read more ...

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23 Apr 2014

Ukraine and China Continue to Weigh on Global Indices

Concerns about Chinese growth and the geopolitical fallout of the conflict in Ukraine make for nervous trading on the second day of trading after the Easter break. In Stockholm and in Paris worries that two large M&A transactions could unravel push down shares of Scania and Publicis, respectively. But in London Associated British Foods soars on s [...] Read more ...

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23 Apr 2014