Frustrated Chinese web users bemoan Baidu and pine for the days of Google

Google’s search engine has been blocked almost continuously in China since late May, leaving the country's internet users with no choice but to rely on another alternative. Even before the blockage, the country's dominant search engine has been the homegrown tech firm Baidu, which boasts that more than 90% of Chinese internet users use its [...] Read more ...

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20 Aug 2014

World Cup Hopes and History in China

One month after the Germanic victory at the 2014 World Cup, the topic of soccer has mostly fallen off the headlines in America (with the exception of Qatar’s 2022 slave-labor scandal), and yet in China the football phenomenon is still being hotly discussed. While the rest of the world continues [...] [...] Read more ...

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20 Aug 2014

Denying Historians: China’s Archives Increasingly Off-Bounds

At last week’s meeting of the Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China in Taipei, roughly 200 historians from Asia, the United States and Europe gathered to share their latest research. But during lunch hours and coffee breaks, the one question that kept popping up wasn’t about any given paper or project. Instead it was: “How’s your a [...] Read more ...

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20 Aug 2014

Alec Ash: Chinese Sci Fi

In 1902 Lu Xun translated Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon into Chinese from the Japanese edition. Science fiction, he wrote in the preface, was ‘as rare as unicorn horns, which shows in a way the intellectual poverty of our time’. Not any more. The Three-Body Trilogy by Liu Cixin has sold 500,000 […] [...] Read more ...

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20 Aug 2014