Car bomb kills 10 troops in Egypt's Sinai

Last Sunday, a roadside bomb exploded near an armoured vehicle guarding a gas pipeline in north Sinai, killing seven soldiers. A car bomb killed 10 Egyptian soldiers and wounded 27 others in an attack by suspected jihadists on an army checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula on Friday, security officials said. In September, militants killed 17 policemen i [...] Read more ...

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25 Oct 2014

Heavy autumn snow blankets Mohe City, China

The heaviest autumn snow in three years blanketed Mohe City, in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, affecting local residents’ daily lives and traffic flow.At euronews we believe in the intelligence of our viewers and we think that the mission of a news channel is to deliver facts without any opinion or bias, so that the viewers can form t [...] Read more ...

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25 Oct 2014

Through the roof

How much city-dwellers overpay for housing Audio and Video content on requires a browser that can handle iFrames. EVERY urbanite grumbles about the [...] Read more ...

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25 Oct 2014

"Cantonese" song

Of course, the pronunciation is Cantonese, but to what extent are the grammar and vocabulary of the song also Cantonese? Non-Cantonese speakers would sing this song in Cantonese (although the pronunciation isn't exact…) The grammar and vocabulary of the song are not Cantonese, but standard s hūmiàn / syu1min6 书面 ("book; written") Chinese, b [...] Read more ...

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25 Oct 2014

A Power Capable of Making Us Weep

This September, the editors of the online edition of the 21st Century Business Herald—a leading Chinese business newspaper based in Guangzhou and owned by Southern Media Group (Nanfang Baoye Jituan)—came under investigation on charges of extortion. The case, which the Shanghai police called “a massive extortion scheme in which a media outlet, [...] Read more ...

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25 Oct 2014


天猫,亚洲最大网上购物网站――淘宝网打造的在线B2C购物平台。(B2C是Business to Customer的缩写)自2008年4月10日建立淘宝商城以来,众多品牌包括Kappa、levis、esprit、JackJones、乐扣乐扣、苏泊尔、联想、惠普、迪士尼、优衣库等在淘宝商城开设的官方旗舰店,受到了 [...] Read more ...

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25 Oct 2014