Professional Bull Riders Takes China by the Horns, Announces CBS Deal

The “toughest sport on dirt”, the Professional Bull Riders, expand eastward to China. CEO, Jim Haworth, PBR fans in Qingdao, Nanjing and Shanghai will have the opportunity to see “America’s fastest growing sport” ( 2013) live at approximately 21 events taking place from August through October 2014. This series marks the first of [...] Read more ...

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25 Jul 2014

China’s cancelled Burma railway is its latest derailment in southeast Asia

A $20-billion Burmese railroad project that would link the Chinese province of Yunnan to the Bay of Bengal was cancelled this week due to fears over the project’s environment impact and objections from the public. It was the latest backlash to China’s attempt to expand its influence in its “near abroad” of southeast Asia. The railway betwee [...] Read more ...

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25 Jul 2014

Is China’s love affair with Western fast food at an end?

In a country overrun with hole-in-the-wall restaurants and mutton-selling street vendors, Western food chains in China have come to represent prosperity and social advancement. The Chinese domestic food market has become so riddled with food violations and health scandals that the likes of McDonald's and KFC offer more than just standard Western fo [...] Read more ...

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25 Jul 2014

Hollywood transformed

Nobody said global takeover would be easy. On course to beating Avatar (2009) as the top-grossing film of all time at the Chinese box office, Transformers: Age of Extinction picked up a flurry of complaints from Chinese companies who had paid for [...] Read more ...

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25 Jul 2014