Nine things David Cameron could bring back from Brussels to satisfy Eurosceptics – Telegraph Blogs

Eurosceptics, say half-clever columnists, are “unappeasable”. Bien pensant opinion holds that any concession made to critics of the Euro-racket serves only to excite further unreasonable demands. It doesn’t matter what HMG brings back from the talks, we’re told: Eurosceptics will whinge anyway, because whingeing is in their character. Right? Au contraire, as we say in [...] [...] Read more ...

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1 Oct 2014

Selfies for Equality

In September 2014, more than 160 Presidents and Prime Ministers- and thousands of political advisers, activists and journalists - descended on United [...] Read more ...

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1 Oct 2014

Solving Europe’s Credibility Problem

As the eurozone debates how to escape the stagnation trap in which it finds itself, one question has become increasingly important: Can governments credibly commit to trim public spending in the future while avoiding immediate cuts? Fortunately, the answer is yes: Fiscal accommodation now does not rule out consolidation later. Read more ...

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1 Oct 2014