European Leaders 'Tentatively' Unveil Potential Russian Sanctions

It appears the European leaders, rather than actually unleash sanctions (as the US has dictated asked), has decided to 'warn' of possible sanctions with a 10-page memo of options available to them. As The FT reports, the memo prepared by the European Commission and distributed to national capitals, includes a proposal to ban all Europeans from purc [...] Read more ...

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24 Jul 2014

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Open Europe is the leading voice for sweeping reform in Europe. The independent think tank has offices in London, Brussels, and a partner organisation in Berlin [...] Read more ...

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24 Jul 2014

Europe’s Surplus of Stagnation by Robert Skidelsky

Earlier this month, the chief executive of Airbus called for drastic action by the European Central Bank to reduce the value of the euro against the dollar by about 10%, from a “crazy” $1.35 to between $1.20 and $1.25. But the euro's strong exchange rate is the result of inaction by Germany, not inaction by the ECB. Read more ...

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24 Jul 2014

An Italian-American walks into a French balance sheet…

We’re not sure how to complete the joke. After all, we recently argued that Fiat Chrysler might combine with a Japanese name to become the global carmaker it wants to be. Getting to 7m cars by 2018 (from under 5m last year) is not going to happen under Fiat’s own steam or financial state. And we took it as given that Sergio Marchionne wants to [...] Read more ...

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24 Jul 2014