Lowe’s CEO Robert Niblock said in a public statement today: “We remain focused on improving our profitability even while investing in key capabilities to drive sales growth”. It expects earnings to increase to $3.29 per share, on revenue growth between 4.5-5% YoY. Hewlett-Packard missed consensus estimates for revenue by 1.7% and posted $26.8 [...] Read more ...

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27 Feb 2015

Spain blasts ex-PM meeting with Castro in Cuba

"It is an extreme disloyalty with regards to the management of foreign policy," Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo said when asked about the meeting. Spain is Cuba's third-largest trading partner and the largest European investor in the country, its former colony, according to Spain's foreign ministry. Under Zapatero Spain pushed [...] Read more ...

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27 Feb 2015

Microsoft Word - comunicado_013_2015

ADO DE PRE COMUNICA ENSA w.hacienda. www @SHCP_ mx 01 14/2015 México e febrero d , D.F. Esta t nes de dóla 2,800 millo 2 a) Cub las ne rir ecesidades histó bajo; óricamente de finan nciamiento del Gobi eral a un ierno Fede n costo de los bono os de refere rtizaciones rfil de amor ender el per b) Exte encia en m oneda extr ranjera; Se ona [...] Read more ...

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27 Feb 2015

Paying for torture

IN LATE 2002, Poland did its American allies a favour by allowing the Central Intelligence Agency to use a Polish military intelligence base in Stare Kiejkuty to [...] Read more ...

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27 Feb 2015

Singapore Depreciation Spurs Yield Premium to U.S.: Asean Credit

Nicky Loh/Bloomberg (Bloomberg) -- Singapore bonds that typically offer loweryields than U.S. The authority estimates economic growth of 2 percent to 4 percent this year compared with 2.9 percent in 2014. Treasuries now pay the highest premium since1998, as analysts cut forecasts for the city’s dollar. Singapore sold 30-year bonds on Feb. Pedestr [...] Read more ...

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27 Feb 2015

British Future

Today is final score time in the Net Migration Cup – as the last set of ONS immigration stats are released before the election. It would be hard to pretend that the crowd is on tenterhooks, argues Sunder Katwala. Read more ...

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27 Feb 2015

Yanis Varoufakis: Germany’s nemesis

I thought: if I can get Yanis to come as keynote speaker, everyone will come because everyone wants to meet Yanis. When Yanis Varoufakis presented his latest book at Columbia University in 2011, sitting in a prime position in the front row was the Talking Heads frontman, David Byrne. It is not at all clear that Varoufakis will win this game—or th [...] Read more ...

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27 Feb 2015

Spectacular and loud: Chainsaw carving

His kind of art requires speed, rhythm and precision in addition to talent - and it burns a whole lot of calories. Florian Lindner is a champion of chainsaw sculpture. He can transform ordinary wood into dramatic pieces of art within minutes. Read more ...

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27 Feb 2015