Passenger planes dodged Russian bombers

Commercial jets carrying hundreds of people had to be diverted in mid-air or else prevented from taking off to avoid potential collisions with two Russian bear bombers which “cloaked” their presence during their latest incursion into Irish-controlled airspace. Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015

As Nemtsov Buried, Russian Opposition Faces Gloomy Future

After paying their final tributes Tuesday to slain Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov, many members of Russia's beleaguered opposition are looking into the future with gloom. The sadness and loss that drew thousands to Nemtsov's funeral is unlikely to add vigor to the small and marginalized [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015

Boris Nemtsov: Death of a Russian Liberal

I bought a couple of bottles of Yarpivo in a Chinese-owned discount store around the corner here in Brooklyn, and poured one out for Nemtsov, who ended his life as a Yaroslavl city councilman. I never liked him much, but his murder was brutal, and frightening — and the dark fear it’s brought to Moscow is very real. Nemtsov was a very different [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015

Meduza. News, reports, interviews, videos from Russia

The museum Perm-36 is the only building complex from the Stalinist Gulag still standing in Russia today. In the Soviet era, many dissidents found themselves between its walls: Vladimir Bukovsky, Sergey Kovalev, and hundreds of other political prisoners. For almost 18 years after the collapse of Communism, the building was independently operated as [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015

True Economics: 3/3/15: Those 'tanked' Russian Forex reserves

So, according to some Western media, Russian forex reserves have tanked in February 2015. At the end of January 2015, Russian forex reserves stood at USD376.208 billion. February drawdowns from the forex reserves marked: Here's a chart plotting all reserves changes m/m So (incomplete still) data for February puts drawdowns from the Forex reserves a [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015

Exxon’s Russia Exposure Surges as Long View Outweighs Sanctions

They don’t bar activities such asseismic surveying or acquiring drilling rights, opening anavenue for Exxon's bold campaign. Thatdwarfs the 14.6 million acres of rights Exxon holds in the U.S.,which until last year was its largest exploration prospect. That was about two months after the Russianannexation of Crimea that spurred U.S. and EU leader [...] Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015

Kremlin Murder Incorporated

The murder last week of Boris Nemtsov, a leading opposition politician and a former deputy prime minister, should come as no surprise. But it should come as a shock – and as a wake-up call for those Russians who until now have tolerated a culture of lawlessness and impunity. Read more ...

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3 Mar 2015