Displaced Ukrainians Seek Safety On Both Sides Of Russian Border

Some have traveled by train to southern Russia; others have found refuge in quieter parts of Ukraine. Some families have fled together, while others have been separated from their loved ones. But all those displaced by the conflict in eastern Ukraine have one thing in common: they are seeking security and a chance to return to an ordinary life. (Pr [...] Read more ...

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25 Nov 2014

President of Russia

The Presidential Press and Information Office’s Department of Accreditation and Briefings is now taking accreditation requests to take part in the news conference of President Putin. Read more ...

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25 Nov 2014


This is the first of my promised Last Three Posts on DR. It's been a bit more than a year since my last update on Russia's demographic turnaround, and believe it or not, the cause of this was more [...] Read more ...

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25 Nov 2014

Igor Sechin took part in International Oil Conference

On November 25th, Rosneft Head Igor Sechin took part in International Oil Conference in Vienna. In his speech Igor Sechin indicated that the participants of the conference account for almost 30%, and with input of close associates, more than half of global oil supply. This will definitely impact overall oil supply”, said Igor Sechin. At the same [...] Read more ...

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25 Nov 2014

Russia Is Trolling The U.S. Over Ferguson Yet Again

KIEV, Ukraine — Russian media has been unable to contain its glee at the news that fresh riots have broken out in Ferguson: The race card, a favorite tactic of Cold War whataboutists, has played prominently in Russia’s Ferguson coverage. Rather, Ferguson gives Russia the perfect stick to poke in America’s eye. If protests against Putin two ye [...] Read more ...

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25 Nov 2014

Breaking news on Ukraine protests over EU agreement delay

More than 100,000 people gathered on Nov. 24, 2013, in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in defiance of the government's move to delay an association deal with the EU. Opposition leaders joined the protest, said to be the largest since the Orange Revolution in 2004.Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said the decision not to sign the deal was motivated [...] Read more ...

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25 Nov 2014